Life around here

Greetings from the farm!
As always, we have been staying busy with school, chores, and most recently, taking care of Grandpa 24/7.

But a few new things have come up recently:
Dani is 30 weeks along and still growin'

Leah had to go in to get stitches in December (ice skating can be dangerous!!).
I had a surgery to remove a cyst above my eye on the 20th of January.

And, the latest news...

Greg left this morning for Colorado, where he will be attending Ellerslie (a Biblical discipleship school) for 3 months. He will be missed by all of us!

Tim and Dani

Our new sibling picture
January 2017

On one of our one-on-one trips

Sorry for such a brief and informal update, but just wanted to let y'all know that I HAVEN'T forgotten about our blog... (though it may seem that way)

May you be blessed with the peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ today! 

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  1. How exciting! And we're so thrilled for Dani & Tim!
    We love and miss you~ Lily