She's here!

Dear Friends,
It's a girl!!
Our niece, Alaythia Danielle, was born to Tim and Dani Cover last week.
Dani was blessed to be able to deliver the baby at home with our Mom present for the entire labor and birth.
Alaythia's weight was 8 lbs. 4 oz., and she measured in at 20.75 inches long!
Thank you to all who prayed for Dani during her pregnancy - the Lord was faithful to sustain her!

All the aunties
P.S. Isn't she adorable? :)


  1. Oh, how precious!!! She is just beautiful (and adorable ;)!! Praise to our wonderful Father for such a sweet blessing and bundle of joy!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!
    Much love and many blessings to the aunties!! ♥
    ~Martha Joy

  2. Oh she's SO precious!! Praising God with you all!