Dear Friends,
Life has been very busy lately, so I wanted to update you on all the changes going on around our place.

  • Greg returned from Ellerslie. It was a joyous reunion when he arrived home after three months in Colorado. We missed him so very much while he was gone! 
  • Alaythia is growing up.... 
  • Both of my older sisters currently at home (Amanda and Emily) are going to Ellerslie for the program's final semester. This has been the hardest change (by far) that has happened lately. I have never been without all my older sisters for more than a few hours, and suddenly being the oldest girl at home is a tremendous responsibility! They will be gone for three months as well, coming home at the very end of August.
    It's going to be a huge adjustment, so your prayers would be much appreciated!
Then, all the rest just kind of goes on.... as for me, I continue to help Dad with his business, spend time with my sibs, drink coffee :), work towards finishing school, take runs (some of us are training for a couple 5Ks this summer), and take care of the farm. In addition to all of that, I have been really blessed by having some really good conversations with some of my friends and family members about the Lord, areas of struggle, and seasons of life.

So once again, I would encourage each of you to treasure this time of life - things change SO quickly. Don't waste this time! Rather, use it to serve and love those around you.  

May we, as young, single women be intentional about investing in relationships, learning important skills, and most of all, truly falling in love with Jesus Christ and making Him our All in All. 


P.S. I would love to post pictures, but blogger is informing me that I don't have enough space left...


Dear Ladies,
I simply HAD to share these adorable pictures with you from Greg's photo shoot with Tim, Dani, and Alaythia. "Laythie", as we affectionately call her, is over a month old, now. It has been so delightful to watch her grow and change. I have to say- she's a real cutie!!

I hope to do a more thorough update soon. It's been hard to find time to blog recently....

Many blessings,


She's here!

Dear Friends,
It's a girl!!
Our niece, Alaythia Danielle, was born to Tim and Dani Cover last week.
Dani was blessed to be able to deliver the baby at home with our Mom present for the entire labor and birth.
Alaythia's weight was 8 lbs. 4 oz., and she measured in at 20.75 inches long!
Thank you to all who prayed for Dani during her pregnancy - the Lord was faithful to sustain her!

All the aunties
P.S. Isn't she adorable? :)


Life around here

Greetings from the farm!
As always, we have been staying busy with school, chores, and most recently, taking care of Grandpa 24/7.

But a few new things have come up recently:
Dani is 30 weeks along and still growin'

Leah had to go in to get stitches in December (ice skating can be dangerous!!).
I had a surgery to remove a cyst above my eye on the 20th of January.

And, the latest news...

Greg left this morning for Colorado, where he will be attending Ellerslie (a Biblical discipleship school) for 3 months. He will be missed by all of us!

Tim and Dani

Our new sibling picture
January 2017

On one of our one-on-one trips

Sorry for such a brief and informal update, but just wanted to let y'all know that I HAVEN'T forgotten about our blog... (though it may seem that way)

May you be blessed with the peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ today! 

A new interest

As I just blogged about, life has been extremely busy, but I've managed to find time to explore my one of my new hobbies: photography.

I'm still working towards the professional aspect of things, but for now, I'm just enjoying capturing the special moments.

Sitting on shovels :)

These are more recent ones of Becky that I took with Greg's camera...

and these of Em.

 Hope you're having a blessed week rejoicing in the Lord!!


The announcement...

I promised an exciting announcement, so here it is!
Most of you have probably guessed it by now, but here are the pictures to prove it!

Tim and Dani found out on August 4th that they are expecting!
The baby is due in April 2017.

Tim and Dani would covet your prayers as Dani is only 12 weeks along. But they received wonderful news on Tuesday- they were able to hear their baby's heartbeat!!

I am, as you might guess, quite thrilled to become an Auntie for the first time, and Tim and Dani are elated that God has blessed them with this gift.

I will keep you updated throughout the pregnancy and most definitely when the baby is born!